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Leadership Training

Leadership Training Bill Funkhouser, presenter This training explores how classrooms become places that develop individuals' ability to plan, create, question, engage and think independently as learners instead of places where task completion and compliance are the primary expectations. The book Making Thinking Visible documents the routines developed

Arts Integration Certification

Certification in Arts Integration  Directed by Mississippi Whole Schools, a program of the Mississippi Arts Commission MAC's Certification in Arts Integration is designed to train teaching artists in the Mississippi Whole Schools approach to arts integration, with a focus on increasing the effectiveness of interactions between teaching artists

Video Library

Video Library Arts101 Series The Arts101 Professional Development Series is a collection of training videos supporting foundational knowledge in the basic elements of the arts and arts integration. Educational Video Series Developed by MAC roster artists specifically for MWS member schools.

Growth Planner

Growth Planner Toolkit This two-part training introduces and explains how to use the Growth Planner. Follow these steps for greatest understanding and success. Step 1:  Watch Session 1 with your team. Complete the action steps referenced at the end of the video. Step 2:  Watch Session 2 with your

EVS Cardinal Directions

Cardinal Directions Through music, visual art, and theatre, participants will identify and show their understanding of cardinal and intercardinal directions. This training includes the use of interactive floor maps, globes, paper maps, and internet maps. Note: Classroom presentation timeframe may be modified to fit scope and sequence of curricular

EVS Modern Dance

Intro to American Modern Dance American Modern Dance is a specific performance genre that originated at the turn of the 20th century. Their new methods of moving emphasized real-life situations, emotions, and human conditions. This training introduces American Modern Dance through history and major founders, and includes physical demonstrations

Arts 101

Arts101 Video Series The Arts101 Professional Development Series is a collection of training videos supporting foundational knowledge in the basic elements of the arts and arts integration. Information Page View and download this description of all Arts101 sessions. Includes the length of each session (in

Our History

Our History Phase I: Whole Schools Project (1991-1998) In 1996, Mississippi State University was commissioned by Mississippi Arts Commission (MAC) and Mississippi Alliance for Arts Education (MAAE) to conduct a survey on the status of arts instruction in Mississippi public schools that revealed


Community Resources Arts Education is Essential Unified Statement This statement of support for arts education has been reviewed and endorsed by more than 50 national arts and education organizations. It outlines three key messages: Arts education supports the social and emotional well-being of students, whether through distance learning or

Professional Learning

Professional Learning Mississippi Whole Schools provides regular and on-going professional learning opportunities, supporting educators in differentiated learning, multiple intelligences, social-emotional learning, and higher order thinking through the arts processes of creating, performing, responding, and connecting. Workshops These and other trainings are

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