Training: What is the Summer Institute?

Now, and in the future, the Whole Schools Institute (WSI) is known and valued as the premier training ground for schools involved in education reform through the arts.

The WSI Summer Institute’s highly professional development opportunities model exemplary practice and gives educators the inspiration, knowledge, and skills to lead their students toward the goal of reaching their full potential.

The WSI Summer Institute utilizes diverse educational strategies that reflect research findings regarding the value of verbal, kinesthetic, visual, musical, analytical, and emotional avenues for engaging the student’s head, heart, and hands in learning.

The WSI Summer Institute empowers participants to provide leadership in local efforts to sustain professional growth and implement exemplary arts integrated instruction.

The Summer Institute provides an opportunity to forge relationships among institute staff, the Mississippi Arts Commission and local schools that provide the creativity and perseverance required to sustain the work.

All of these commitments reflect the basic dedication of all those involved in the WSI program to the children of Mississippi and their growth and development.

Past Summer Institute Highlights

Video from the 2010 Summer Institute, “Bringing Heritage Home”

If you missed this summer’s “Bringing Heritage Home” or you would simply like to relive some of the experiences, now is your chance. Here are two videos that highlight the 2010 Summer Institute.

2009 Summer Institute: Painting the Big Picture

The ’09 Summer Institute was held on the Oxford campus of The University of Mississippi July 12-16, 2009

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