The Whole Schools Initiative

Other Opportunities

Partnerships continue to be a mainstay of the Whole Schools Initiative affording opportunities for training and events that might otherwise not be possible.


Link Up

Link Up, a Carnegie Hall Weill Music Institute music education program now in its eighth season, pairs orchestras with students in grades three through five to explore orchestral repertoire through a hands-on music curriculum. Students explore a core musical concept in specific symphonic works through listening, singing, playing the recorder, and composing. The year-long program culminates with an interactive orchestra concert in which student perform prepared vocal and instrumental repertoire selections and share some of their creative work.

The unique collaboration between MAC, Carnegie Hall, and orchestras across Mississippi, provides standards-based curriculum to the school district and enables orchestras to expand their current education programs and strengthen relationships with their surrounding schools and community.

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For information on how your school can participate, contact Link Up Coordinator, Elaine Peterson at

The Mississippi Blues Trail

The Mississippi Blues Trail marks locations throughout Mississippi and some surrounding states as well, honoring blues artists who have made their mark in music, culture and history. At each destination the markers relay to visitors the stories of the artists, and what influenced them to become the blues pioneers that we know today.

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Be sure to check the Mississippi Arts Commission website for other opportunities in training and events. The homepage always features the latest news and happenings.