Oak Grove Primary Art Camp: Commotion from the Ocean 2012

Posted Aug 9, 02:12 PM

Oak Grove - Commotion in the Ocean Oak Grove - Commotion in the Ocean Oak Grove - Commotion in the Ocean

Art Camp, a ten year tradition at Oak Grove Primary, was held the week of June 25-29. This yearʼs theme was “Commotion from the Ocean.” The children sampled the four areas of the arts, including music, movement, visual arts, and drama. Each day the children were introduced to a different visual artist including: Pat and Nancy Bodine, Mississippi pottery artists; Walter Anderson, Mississippi artist remembered for his print making; Romero Britto, famous pop artist; and Wyatt Waters, Mississippi artist specializing in watercolors. Each child created a pottery piece from clay and learned about a potterʼs wheel first hand from Mandy Buchanan and the Lauren Rogers Museum of Art in Laurel. The camp served 108 students with 15 adults and 13 student counselors! The children entertained family and friends with a grand finale on Friday with singing, dancing, and dramatic speaking. Oak Grove Primary Art Camp is codirected by Ann Nelson and AnnClaire Bennett. The school is a model school for arts integration recognized by the Mississippi Arts Commission.