Lessons: Introduction

The Whole Schools Initiative (WSI) presents the following lessons as “field tested” models of unit/ lesson plans written by practicing teachers and arts education professionals. Drawing from our collective trainings in Heidi Hayes Jacobs “Curriculum Mapping” techniques and Wiggins, McTighe “Understanding By Design” methodology, we attempt to capture the uniqueness that is Whole Schools through the overall design and endless connections that can be found through arts integration.

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All submissions will be reviewed by the WSI Cadre of National Board Certified Teachers and WSI arts education staff. We ask that you submit lessons using the design format of the lessons posted to this site.

Please mail or e-mail your comments and submissions with your contact information to:

Jodie Engle, Whole Schools Initiative Director Mississippi Arts Commission 501 North West Street Suite 701B Woolfolk Building Jackson, MS 39201 Office: 601.359.6040 E-mail: jengle@arts.ms.gov

Mississippi’s Visual and Performing Arts Framework

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