Lessons: Interactive-interdisciplinary lesson demonstrations

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The Mississippi Arts Commission’s arts-focused, interactive, interdisciplinary units weave the arts throughout the teaching and learning process. Suggested instructional strategies incorporate multiple subjects, multiple intelligences, and all the arts disciplines. Students are actively engaged in the learning experiences, with opportunities for using their own creative ideas and imaginations as well as making choices about the way they learn.

Download Samples

These downloads require Adobe Acrobat Reader. It is available as a free download.

The Creators

The TVA-Electricity for All and Hurricane Camille units were created by Althea Jerome, Kathryn Lewis, and Linda Whittington for the Mississippi Arts Commission’s Whole Schools Initiative, and are funded through a grant from the National Geographic Society.

The Presentation

The presentation is designed to serve as teacher training: a way to see how this presentation — or one like it — can be used with students. As you schedule the session, we can work with you in a variety of ways to make it beneficial for your teachers.

The Cost / How to Schedule a Presentation

Contact the Mississippi Arts Commission for fees and to schedule a presentation:
Jodie Engle, Director — Whole Schools Initiative
501 N West St./Suite 1101A Woolfolk Building / Jackson, MS 39201
601-359-6040 / jengle@arts.ms.gov

The Presenters

Ten facilitators from all areas of Mississippi are prepared to come to your school and make presentations.

For the Presentation

When you schedule one of the units, you will receive information concerning what your school needs to do prior to the presentation (make copies of handouts, provide equipment, room arrangements, etc.).

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