Grants: Timeline for schools admitted to program


  • Grant awards announced and MAC sends contract packets out 1st
  • Summer Institute * $


  • Field Advisor meets with school team (Whole Schools only)
  • New AIC schools schedule Arts Integration 101


  • Signed grant contracts due in MAC office by 1st
  • Register for fall retreat $$
  • Post 3rd year WSI schools seeking to become Models will make application through the March 1 MAC grant application processes.


  • Fall retreat †


  • 2nd round of mini grant applications due by 1st
  • Schools may apply for ONE minigrant per fiscal year/Check the new guidelines at


  • Letter of intent to apply for WSI/AIC due in MAC office by 15th
  • Register for Spring Retreat $$$
  • Whole School teams meet with Field Advisor to begin, review, update the Change Journey Process/Map


  • Spring retreat ‡
  • Summer Institute Preview
  • AIC schools recommended for WSI


  • WSI/AIC and Project Grant applications due March 1st
  • Re-applications for WSI years 2-6 due March 1st
  • Model School Applications due March 1st


  • Statewide leadership teams meet in Jackson


  • Register for Summer Institute
  • WSI/AIC/Models—ALL grantee final reports due in MAC offices by 15th


  • 1st round of minigrant applications due on the 1st

Additional important information

$$$$ Registration for each event will only be accepted through the online format , each school must pay for the number of staff registered, unless cancelled 48 hours prior to a retreat or 2 weeks prior to the summer institute
Payment is due prior to or AT the event—make checks payable to the Whole Schools Initiative

GRANT CHANGE FORMS must be filed with MAC in the event that information/a name, etc. has changed since the grant application was received. Signatures on contracts must match signatures on final reports and/or grant certification pages in order for a payment to be released. (The timely filed grant change form expediates payment processing)

E-mail communication is vitally important, please make sure that a current, working e-mail address exists for Principals and Project Directors

The website continues to be updated, please check your url’s to make sure they link to a CURRENT website

Let us know if information is incorrect or in need of updating on the site

The WSI Handbook and Project Directors Handbook are currently pulled from the site for long overdue updates

Continue to send pictures for the home page with short, informative tag lines! We want to feature your school!